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The Milking Game. an erotic game for partners. Playing is enjoyable, and she learns more about their real sexual interest.

The Milking Game. an erotic game for partners. Playing is enjoyable, and she learns more about their real sexual interest.</

An game that is erotic partners

Playing is fun, and she learns more about their real desire that is sexual.


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exactly 10 times

Span of the overall game

He constantly has got to inform their partner immediately if he is intimately stimulated. She then immediately hast to remedy that.

The aim of the overall game would be to keep him nearly entirely satisified for the amount of the video game. Needless to say, both lovers should take advantage of this: She receives handmade cards for her “effords” (see “The cards”), which is why she can demand “rewards” (that your cards represent) following the game is finished.

The cards

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This video game is played with 32 credit cards (French-suited Piquet pack) plus 4 jokers. Each card represents for tasks he has got to perform after the conclusion of this game. Exactly just What each card represents is explained in the end of the manual.


Through the duration of the overall game, every playing partner needs to abide by specific obligations. For him, this is especially true for the time even after the overall game. The game can end premature if one of the partners does not obey to the rules.

The overall game concludes precisely after 10 times.

Premature end

The overall game finishes prematurely if a person for the playing partners does perhaps maybe not stick to his/her obligations.

The game concludes together with the whole card deck (including jokers) is handed up to her with nothing in exchange if:

  • she catches him jerking off (touching already matters as a result, aside from exceptions mentioned below)
  • she discovers a hard-on that he did not inform her about during an assessment
  • She is being left by him for longer than couple of hours without her being notified about any of it
  • he will not allow her jerk him off
  • he opposes to measures taken up to get “him” difficult as he requires or really wants to keep her for longer than couple of hours

The game comes to an end and she reaches keep all of the cards she currently made by milking (and may need benefits for following the game), if:

  • she will not make an efford to locate a location that sugar baby is appropriate milking
  • he has got the impression that she rather desires to take action else in the place of primarily getting him their owing satisfaction, he is able to then (it is not necessary to) end the overall game 60 minutes after offering notice if she don’t choose to look after her responsibilities within the mean time.

The game comes to an end and she needs hand back all cards she currently attained, if:

  • she will not conform to her milking responsibility
  • she makes him alone for extended than couple of hours with out milked him properly


Definitely both players are champions. He’s issued something such as “absolute intimate satisfaction” for approximately a week very very very long. She she gathers cards through the week in return for her “efforts” she then can need rewards that are certain, that are represented by the specific cards, following the game is finished.

Exactly just exactly How it really is played

The play time (the week day/time of time when you should start) is determined by the both of you. The video game comes to an end immediately 10 times later in the time that is same of. Example: the both of you begin Monday 10th, 8am – then your game comes to an end automatically on Thursday 20th, 8am.

For the duration that is whole of game he’s (aside from hygienic reasons) perhaps maybe maybe not permitted to touch their cock. He will not experience this as so “bad”, because masturbation is one thing he definitly WON’t in this week :o)

This is of “hygienic reasons” is, he can needless to say hold his cock along with his hand during urination, and undoubtedly for cleansing. Cleaning isn’t only permitted but highly encouraged, although only straight after he arrived, after he previously a climax. THAT IS RIGHT, just then. Just after he squirted down nicely and squandered their semen every-where! Just he then is permitted to clean their personal components. Washing, in order to get “him” difficult or as a reason to “jerk off”, is OFF LIMITS!

Obligation to notify

Their duty may be the responsibility to inform. You start with the specified beginning for the game he has to

  • notify her every time he’s got a “boner”. He has to bring a paper tissue with him, in addition to a deck of cards.
  • inform her as he is approximately to go out of her for longer than 2 hours.